Hobie 16

The Hobie 16 revolutionized multihull sailing. The Hobie 16 was unleashed on the Southern California beach scene in 1970 and sailing was instantly transformed.


The beach-launched Hobie 16 brought the sport to legions of speed-loving sailors. The catamaran’s lightweight, asymmetrical fiberglass hulls provide lift and its dual-trapeze rig lets you and your crew member harness its sheer power. Now, 45 years and over 100,000 boats later, the Hobie 16 occupies a coveted spot in the Sailboat Hall of Fame and consistently delivers big-grin sailing and world-class racing. Fly a hull and you’ll understand the global obsession!



      • Crew: 1-4
      • Length: 16' 7" / 5.04 m
      • Beam: 7' 11" / 2.41 m
      • Capacity: 800 lbs/362 kg (US) / 529 lbs/240 kg (EU)
      • Weight: 320 lbs / 145 kg
      • Draft w/ Rudder Up: 10" / 0.25 m
      • Mast Length: 26' 6" / 8.07 m
      • Total Sail Area: 218 ft² / 20 m²
      • Hull Construction: Fiberglass Foam Sandwich
      • Height From Floor to Bow: 23.5" / 59.69 cm
      • Height From Floor to Stern: 24" / 60.96 cm


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Hobie 16

The catamaran that started a revolution. The Hobie 16 is still the most recognizable and iconic fiberglass catamaran. With over 100,000 built, the 16 expanded the worlds’ view on what fast, beach launched fun could be like. The Hobie 16 came out in the 1970s and yet is still raced around the world. New 16s come equipped ready to go fast right out of the box - Dacron sails, carbon-fiber rudders and double trapeze are included. The durable fiberglass hulls are timeless - they are light and stiff, ensuring years of speed and dependability. The Hobie 16 still offers fleet numbers larger than any other fiberglass catamarans thanks to a thriving and active class association.


      • Asymmetrical shaped fiberglass hulls eliminate daggerboard and facilitate easy beach launching and landing
      • Kick up rudder system makes for easy landings on beaches and boat ramps
      • Powerful, brightly colored Dacron mainsail and jib are race-ready and internationally iconic
      • Double-trapeze rig allows you to control the boat's powerful sailplan
      • Ball-bearing blocks dramatically reducing line-handling friction
      • Black anodized aluminum spar is stiff and lightweight, featuring a comptip mast for increased safety margin when sailing near power lines
      • Elevated trampoline helps ensure a dry ride and great footing while weighting the trapeze wires
      • Carbon EPO3 rudder foils are strong and lightweight


      • 2-piece mast, reef points in the mail sail, trumpet spinnaker kit (including spinnaker), gennaker kit on furler, cover kit, righting kit, mast float, aluminum beach dolly